What is hair damage and causes

A series of articles on hair damage , the different types, causes and problems that arise and how we can help prevent, strengthen and repair hair with the use of different hair treatments Olaplex, K18 and Metal detox

What is hair Damage?

There is generally 2 types of hair damage Porosity and Sensitivity.


This is surface damage to the cuticle and will make the hair absorb water , products and colours at different rates along the hairs length. Causes colour to grab, go darker than the desired result.

To test for porosity take a few strands of hair and hold firmly near the ends. Slide your fingers down towards roots, the rougher and more swollen the hair feels the more porous the hair is.


Internal damage, hair has become damaged to the level of the Keratin bonds. Like Porosity is nearly always uneven according to the age and the amount of abuse the hair has encountered. When colouring Sensitised hair will suck in warmth, leaving the hair flat or with a green tinge so warmth will usually need to be added.

To test for sensitivity take a single strand of damp hair, holding between 2 fingers gently stretch, it should stretch and return to original length. If it does not spring back it is lacking tensile strength and so sensitised.



Excessive overprocessed chemical service

Naturally weak


Salt/chlorinated water

Excessive sun(free radicals)



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